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Dobby's Donation Fund - 501(c)3


Above: Dobby and his friend Piper

Dobby’s Donation Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit fund available in times of need for medical procedures that would improve quality of life, and provide emotional and financial relief for an injured or sick family pet.

On September 27, 2016, we lost our sweet Dobby - a treasured member of Dr. Quigley’s family, as well as our long time Foothills Veterinary Hospital honorary mascot.

Dobby’s life began as a very young puppy, abandoned in a box at the Bear Canyon Trailhead. He was brought to the Heart of the Valley where he was adopted by then shelter veterinarian, Dr. Quigley.

Dobby was a sweet, smart, loyal companion, and instantly become a treasured member of the Quigley family. He came to work with Dr. Quigley, and from the early days of the clinic, he was always there to offer comfort and compassion to everyone who passed through our doors.

He had an amazing spirit and he touched so many lives during his short 11 years on this planet. Even until the end, as he tried to fight against a devastating terminal disease, he was filled with grace and dignity.

By helping other pet families with this fund, Dobby’s love and companionship lives on. Donations in his name will continue to nurture the very deep and real human/ pet bond.

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to Dobby’s Donation fund, please talk with one of the veterinarians or staff for more information.

Donations in the memory of a pet can share the love of Dobby with other families, and help continue to strengthen family/pet companionship bonds. This fund is maintained by private donations.

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