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Foothills Veterinary Hospital

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Welcome To Our Practice!

Welcome to Foothills Veterinary Hospital. Our goal to improve the health and lives of all pets and their owners, by offering the highest quality and most compassionate veterinary care for all our local communities.

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Foothills Veterinary Hospital
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About Foothills Veterinary Hospital

Our responsibility is to provide the best care for your pets throughout their entire lives. We understand that our responsibility is to provide veterinary services for your pets throughout their entire life times - from puppies/kittens to geriatrics.

Prevention is the best insurance for a long and healthy life, and we will provide the most current nutrition, dental care, vaccination protocols, and parasite prevention specifically tailored to provide the best foundation for your dogs and cats healthy life. Our recommendations will always have your pet’s health and well being in mind.

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Requesting an Appointment

We try to make requesting a veterinary clinic appointment as convenient as possible for you. There are several ways to easily request an appointment for your pet to be seen at our veterinary clinic:

  1. online request form
  2. Call Us: (406) 556-0604
  3. View Map & Directions
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Our Commitment to Putting Pets First and Protecting The Lifelong Love of Pets.

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They Love Us

Everyone here is amazing! I haven’t seen very many vets get on the floor and greet my pets with excitement and kindness. Also, they’re affordable compared to some other vets in the area.

Andrea Lamoureux

Amazing service. My dog had an ear infection. No other vet could figure it out. With in 5 min the vet knew what it was and was able to treat it.

Kirk Bailey

The vets are kind, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable. Great with both cats and dogs. True heart for animals!

Amy Green

The Foothills veterinary hospital provides excellent care for my two miniature Australian shepherd pups. Making them there since they were first part of our family and I trust them implicitly for their care.

Ted Cote

Great experiences with Foothills for our pets over the past few years. Knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy.

Katherine Dayton
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We are a Full Service Pet Hospital

Our pet hospital offers the following services for dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, medical conditions and lifestyles:

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